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What's this forum for?! Empty What's this forum for?!

Post by Farmer Lem on Fri Dec 04, 2009 3:06 pm

In 2009, a group of elite cyclists faced undue disparaging comments for riding bikes with only one gear. They promptly retracted from the main Trolls to enjoy counter insults and endless in-jokes in a new underground forum. Today, still on the receiving end of disparaging comments from Jay, Andy W, Mark N and Pants, they survive as riders of fortune. If you have a weasel wuss bike but want a purer, more involving way of riding, and if you can find them, maybe you can join… the Tunnel Hill Trolls Farmers Co-Operative- Oo-Aar!!!

Given the geary-focussed nature of the main Tunnel Hill Trolls forum, this one is merely a safe place for us proud farmers to express ourselves where we can be appreciated!

Singlespeed conversation (which may be deleted, editted, moderated or otherwise flamed into irrelevence on the main forum Wink ), is welcome but the main THT site should be used for ride organising, socials, general chit-chat, etc. afro

As a guest you will only be able to see a very limited area of the site, which is deliberate- to see the whole site you will need to register.

Thank you for your time brothers.*


* I mean fellow farmers in general, not specifically Dave!
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